Brooklynn Capton

Teachers - Kindergarten

About Me

I am thrilled to be teaching at two schools this term! My mornings are spent at Thurber and afternoons at G.H. Dawe with the Kindergartener's there. My own high school experience took place at Thurber and I am excited to be coming back, this time as a teacher! 

When I'm not at school, I love spending time with my friends and family, being outdoors and travelling. After a recent trip to Greece which involved welcoming Syrian refugees off of lifeboats into Europe, I developed a love for Middle Eastern people and culture. Since coming back from Greece, I have plugged into the Syrian refugee community in Red Deer. I spend a lot of my time with them, welcoming them, helping them settle and building friendships with them. Currently I am learning Arabic, and I'm excited where this will take me in the future. There are many displaced people in the world who cannot attend school. I hope my passion for Middle Eastern culture and for education will one day lead me to teach children in the Middle East who otherwise wouldn't have access to education. 

I absolutely love working at Dawe and I am excited to be starting at Thurber! I look forward to all that's in store over these next months!